Efficient Refineries
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EFFICIENT REFINERIES founded in 1995 by Miguel A. Ruiz from Spain and Siegmar Fricke from Germany (both active in the electronic sector since the 80's) is the clear audio-definition of pharmacoustic industronics. After various private CD-releases the CD "EPINERVIO" involves the complete spectrum of their excessive electro-experiments within the last decade. Syncopated rhythm-constructions, medical filtered ambiences, clinical pulses, digital distortions and manipulations of analogue material characterize the neurolytic sound of meccano-clinical autorhythmatics. The audio-textures are electronically generated in Miguel's Gagarin Workshop (Spain) and SF's Pharmakustik-studio in Germany. Beside "EPINERVIO" Efficient Refineries published material from 2003 on the Polish label SIMPLE LOGIC as "Nitideath"-CD. Efficient Refineries are currently working on the album "Kronotrop" (on MOLOCHRECORDS in Poland), consisting of various tracks from the pre-pharmacoustic period 1995-1998 , restructered in highest mastering-quality. The release of this powerful industronic work is scheduled for September 2007.

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