[SNXR017] Moz Design - Forgotten Impacts

Date: 2014-08-26
Style: melodic techno, deep, minimal, experemental

Forgotten Impacts


  1. Moz Design - Be Released (03:28) [~37,69 Mb]
  2. Moz Design - Frowst (04:44) [~49,82 Mb]
  3. Moz Design - Unseen Sea (04:28) [~48,39 Mb]
  4. Moz Design - Depression is Destiny (04:20) [~44,09 Mb]
  5. Moz Design - Dead Are Not Alone (03:35) [~33,58 Mb]
  6. Moz Design - Time's Up (03:55) [~39,01 Mb]
  7. Moz Design feat CTRT - Zone Of Inaccessibility (03:28) [~35,02 Mb]

Download Full Album In ZIP archive [~287,51 Mb]

Lossless release

Download Full mp3 Album In ZIP archive [~68,01 Mb]


Friends, which no longer exists. Things that do not bring joy. Aspirations that are no longer relevant. Pulses, which are no longer exert influence.


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